Pelo Malo, Murciélago

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Hair is a contentious subject

in many communities of color. There is a stigma connected to hair—the coarser, nappier, kinkier the hair, the less beautiful. This suggests that there is something wrong with our ancestry that causes our hair to be seen as malo or bad. 

Anyone who is going through the natural hair process is aware of the variety of emotions that one can experience. Self-love to contempt. Liberation to constant judgement from both ourselves and our communities. 

The initial inspiration for this piece revealed itself to me in a dream. I was picking out my hair and bats started to fly out. Bats have a negative connotation associated with them; many people fear them without understanding. The decision to keep the bats was deliberate. I wanted to show that what is considered as pelo malo is not bad at all. There is no such thing as bad hair. Hair is not something that should be viewed negatively.


Machismo Es Fascismo


Denise Oliver, Nydia Mercado, Lulu Carreras, and Iris Morales

are the women depicted in Machismo Es Fascismo. They were  part of the Young Lords Party--a Puerto Rican activist group. In 1969, the women formed a caucus to shed light on the misogyny and sexism that existed within the movement. By revisioning their 13 Point Program, the Young Lords were able to broaden their vision and work, leading to major successes for women's health, including the ban on sterilization of Puerto Rican women. 


The Seedling Nymph


The seedling Nymph

is born within in the seed. When she matures, she gives her life forces to the seed and it grows and turns into a plant. Just before pollinatio, the seedling nymph perishes. She is then reborned in the next generation of seeds and the life cycle continues.


Her Mourning Elegance


Athena is the patron of Athens.

She was awarded this position when she won a contest against Poseidon, god of the sea. Poseidon struck his trident into a rock and water spewed out. Athena placed her spear into the ground and an olive tree emerged. 

Athena is the god of wisdom and war. She is known for her rationality, courage, and strong sense of justice. Athena is victorious, however, even in that moment, she cannot help but feel a sense of melancholy and exhaustion. Athena remains stoic, all the while, fighting the desire to breakdown.

This image of Athena depicts the balancing act many women experience as they navigate the world. Many of us hold back our emotions, especially in the workplace, knowing that they can be used against us. 

“Her Mourning Elegance” was created while working at the Living Computers: Museum + Labs. The virtual reality experience offered by the museum allowed me to explore ancient Greece. It was there, standing in front of the olive tree that I felt strong and empowered. The people of that period chose a woman for their patron. It was the antithesis of the real world. 



Water is Life

waterislife copy 3.jpg

SHe is at peace

while she breastfeeds her koi fish. She stands in front of a waterfall and lovingly looks down on the fish. A light shines from behind her and creates a halo around her head.

This image is based on a dream.




“Some people become cops

because they want to make the world a better place. Some people become vandals because they want to make the world a better looking place.”





Clamorous (adj):












Confusing din.




Colors inspired by the bioluminescence of giant clams.




in 2017, I visited Barcelona for 12 days.

They day I landed, Catalonia voted to succeed from Spain and claim independence. The Spanish government deemed the vote as illegal. Police stormed voting polls. Citizens fled with bags of votes under their arms. 844 people were injured by the police.

EGGTIFA is a play on ANTIFA or antifascist. The squared off areas represent the oldest neighborhood, the Gothic Quarter. The streets of that district are tightly packed and narrow. The purple egg represents Catalonia and the fierce loyalty that exists in those who long for independence. The green tendrils is the Spanish government, struggling to maintain control.